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We understand that each individual differs in what they need and what their preferences are. We also understand that not all products are made alike. It’s our job to help you understand these differences and provide you eye care and eyewear that is most suited to you. Being free from the restrictions faced by franchises, our independence allows us this freedom and high level of personal care to bring you quality choices and a greater variety to suit your optometric needs.




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Why visit an Optical Alliance Optometrist?

Discover the unique advantages that come with choosing Optical Alliance for your eye care needs

At Optical Alliance, we pride ourselves on offering personalized, community-focused eye care, leveraging our independent status to meet your unique needs perfectly. Discover the unrivaled benefits of a long-lasting relationship with optometrists who are not just healthcare providers, but passionate neighbors dedicated to serving their local communities.


We have the freedom to prescribe the frames, lenses, and contact solutions that are exactly right for you, offering both premium quality and affordable options to suit every customer’s preferences and budget.

Long-Term Relationship

Many of our practices have remained under the same management for years, fostering lasting optometrist-client relationships. Benefit from a trusted provider who truly knows you and understands your eye health history.

Uniquely Suited to Serve You

Every independent Optical Alliance practice is different, allowing you to find the one that fits your needs and preferences perfectly.


Our love for what we do shines through in our enthusiastic approach to answering your questions and resolving any concerns, always keeping your eye health as our top priority.

Independent Optometrists

Your Trusted Local Optometrist

It might be difficult to choose the best eye care provider in a world where there are so many options. At Optical Alliance, we place a high value on providing individualised service and providing eye care that is as special as you are.

We are a group of independent optometrists who enthusiastically serve our local communities with commitment and knowledge. We are not simply your healthcare providers; we are also your neighbours. Because we are independent, we have the ability to put your requirements first, resulting in the most individualised eye treatment available.

We are here to develop a long-lasting connection based on trust, quality, and a profound understanding of your unique needs, not merely to assist you in finding the ideal eyewear.
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