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Experience the freedom of contact lenses!

Experience the freedom of contact lenses!

Choosing between contact lenses or glasses is entirely up to you as an individual. It comes down to a personal choice, comfort and your lifestyle needs. You also do not have to pick between one or the other as both can be used at different times depending on what suits the situation best.

Contact lenses have numerous benefits which include:

–          A wider field of vision. There is not frame restricting your side vision.

–          No fogging of lenses

–          No reflections on your contact lenses

–          Safer to wear when playing sport

–          A more natural look

–          Easier to wear over shields, visors or other industry safety eyewear.

Contact lenses allow you to play around with the colour of your eyes as certain lenses come in a variety of shades. Remember, contact lenses are a medical device so remember to always get your colour contact lenses from your optometrist and follow the safety guidelines for using lenses strictly!

Depending on what type of contact lenses you are prescribed, cleaning and storing them in a safe container does take some time and effort. The hygiene of your lenses is always of the utmost importance and must be used according the recommended guideline to prevent infection, irritation, and dry eye syndrome.

If you are considering getting contact lenses, you may have some questions. The best way to ascertain whether you are a good candidate for this is to contact your local Optical Alliance Optometrist and make an appointment to have your eyes tested. The optometrist would be able to advise you on the options most suitable for you.

Once finding the correct fitting lenses, it may take a while for you to adjust to using contact lenses as this is a foreign action for your eyes and the lenses are new. They will eventually adjust and mould perfectly to the shape of your eye. Be patient while you find the right contact lenses for you and try out trial lenses which can be given to you by your optometrist.

The freedom you get from contact lenses makes it a great option for many people. With the proper care and commitment to your contact lenses and general eye health, it is an easy and carefree to enjoy the benefits that contact lenses have to offer.

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