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Optical Alliance Cycling Initiative

Optical Alliance Cycling Initiative

During 2018, Optical Alliance collaborated with OA preferred suppliers and members to create a cycling team that took part in a national cycling competition.

This initiative comprised of 19 enthusiastic cyclists with their friends and family supporting them nearby.

The sponsors of the kits included eOptics, iWear House, Hoya Hill Optics, Rudy Projects, SDM, Sightique and Optical Alliance. The sponsorships received were used towards the production of the cycling kits with branding as well as branding and support for members at the actual event.

This initiative helped create awareness around the Optical Alliance brand and its preferred participating suppliers. Initiatives such as these are valuable in creating awareness, adding value, and enhancing sustainability to Optical Alliance, its members and preferred suppliers.

We once again thank all the participants that made this initiative a success.

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