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The Islamic Medical Association Social responsibility

The Islamic Medical Association Social responsibility

One of the ongoing Optical Alliance social responsibilities is donating to the Islamic Medical Association eye clinic, a monthly donation is made towards the funding of the Optometry clinic in KZN where for the past five years the Islamic Medical Association has funded for patients with keratoconus and other significant vision problems who cannot afford eyecare. Their aim is to improve vision and quality of life for indigent patients, particularly those from rural communities. The Optometry clinic offers full vision care services including eye examinations, provision of spectacles and contact lenses, paediatric vision and binocular vision therapy and low vision services which focuses on partially sighted patients. These services are all offered to those who would be less likely to afford them.


The Islamic Medical Association sponsors spectacles for underprivileged kids who would be unable to get these services and by doing so help them with their vision problems. This partnership has made a remarkable impact already, with hundreds of indigent children given the chance at better sight due to the ongoing work of this organisation. The monthly donations help the Islamic Medical Association pay for the lenses and glasses which go to the kids in need.


This kind of ongoing donation has a far-reaching benefit for these kids who would otherwise be unable to correct their vision or get the treatment they need. With multiple basic vision tests and other more in-depth tests being done by the Islamic Medical Association, Optical Alliance is proud to be a part of charity organisation whose work enables the growth and development of young minds and in assisting stronger vision and healthier eyes.

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