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Accommodative Support Lenses: Solution for near Vision Needs

Accommodative Support Lenses: Solution for near Vision Needs

As a group of progressive optometrists, we understand the importance of clear vision for your daily activities. With the increasing demands of near-vision tasks in today’s digital age, traditional single vision lenses most often fall short of providing optimal eye comfort and practical convenience.

Don’t get frustrated ‒ we’re here to help! There is a solution that addresses most of today’s demanding visual needs: accommodative support or anti fatigue lenses. In this blog, we explore why single vision lenses are outdated for today’s near vision needs and why accommodative support lenses are often the ideal solution.

The Limitations of single vision Lenses

Single vision lenses have a fixed prescription for either near or distance vision, but not both. This can create challenges for those who require clear vision for both near and distance tasks. For instance, those who spend long hours on digital devices, read extensively, or perform detailed close-up work may find it cumbersome to switch between different pairs of glasses or strain their eyes to find a suitable focal point. Moreover, as we age, the focus-ability of our eyes changes, resulting in presbyopia, which further complicates near-vision tasks. People over the age of 45 mostly need multifocal lenses to solve this problem. However, technology has advanced phenomenally to assist people under the age of 45, with accommodative support lenses to meet the demands of the digital age we have come to live in.

The Benefits Of Accommodative Support Lenses

Accommodative support lenses are designed to provide a seamless transition between near and distance vision, catering to the demands of modern lifestyles. These lenses feature a progressive design that gradually adjusts the prescription from the top for distance vision to the bottom for near vision, with a smooth transition in between. This allows wearers to focus comfortably on objects at varying distances without the frustrating need for multiple pairs of glasses. This makes them especially helpful for the prolonged hours we spend behind screens, often for hours at a time!

Accommodative support lenses also incorporate innovative technology that mimics the eyes’ natural focusing ability, providing clearer vision and reducing eye strain.

Suitable For People Under 45 Years Of Age

Accommodative support lenses are an excellent option for younger individuals who have demanding near vision needs. With the increasing use of digital devices in schools, children and  teens are putting immense strain on their eye muscles. This has created various symptoms such as digital eye strain, eye muscle fatigue and dry eyes. Accommodative support lenses can help alleviate this strain and provide clear vision at all distances, making them an ideal choice for these age groups.

Looking Closer At It

Single vision lenses may no longer be the best option for today’s demanding near-vision needs. Accommodative support lenses offer a more versatile and convenient solution, providing clear vision at varying distances without the need for multiple pairs of glasses or the on-off-on again of single prescription lenses.

Whether you’re young or middle-aged, these lenses can help enhance your visual comfort and quality of life.

Want to experience the benefits of accommodative support lenses? For optimal eyes and vision care, reach out to our Optical Alliance optometrists today!

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